Services Brief

  • Some of the construction staking services we provide include: Topographic and Location Survey, Building Permit Certificates, Construction and Building Staking, Site Grading Stakes, & Street and Utility Staking
  • Our staff has extensive experience in commercial, and industrial site planning and we offer the following services: Land Use Planning and Design, Comprehensive Guide Plan Review, Zoning and Subdivision Regulation Review, Developer Representation, Coordination of Approval Process, Plan Exhibits and Displays, Landscape Architecture, Environmental Assessment Worksheets, & Tree Preservation Plans.
  • Land development requires refined knowledge in both planning and engineering. We have the technical talent and the management ability to get your project built in the manner that you envisioned.
  • We have the expertise to correctly transform the design concept into a useful system. This requires understanding the legal and environmental issues involved with any construction project. Knowing the correct construction practices and methods used to build a facility is the basis for getting a project built on time and within budget constraints.


James R. Hill, Inc. can provide technical planning and engineering expertise assistance for a community's continued growth. Planning services include writing comprehensive guide plans, preparing and analyzing various development scenarios, capital improvement programming, zoning and subdivision ordinance preparation, land use studies, environmental assessment worksheets, and reviewing development proposals. 


Municipal engineering services include special studies for storm water management, sanitary sewer, storm sewer and water utilities; providing feasibility reports, detailed plans and specifications, bid preparation and evaluation, pre-construction meetings and site observation and/or management of public or private improvement projects. Observation services include necessary reports and testing to recommend acceptance of public or private construction improvement projects. 


Other miscellaneous services include preparing assessment rolls, recommending general financing of public improvement projects, providing technical assistance and representation for municipal state aid plans, maintaining and updating city utility and street base maps, land use maps, and zoning maps. Our in-house CADD and computer systems are capable of preparing base maps, grading calculations, estimating earthwork, street center-line profiles and street plans. Our approach is timely, comprehensive, and thorough. 


An integral part of James R. Hill, Inc. is our licensed land surveyors, team of experienced technicians, and five to seven survey crews who provide a full compliment of surveying services. 


Our firm can provide a wide range of services to assist city staff in their duties and responsibilities. We can assist in doing special studies, writing staff reports, reviewing plans, preparing visual aids, updating city base maps, and preparing information and exhibits for various reports. Our philosophy is to look at your work or business as our own. We do not consider our job finished until we complete it to your satisfaction.


Land surveying is a very old profession that is changing drastically with modern technology. The greatest technological advancements having come in the last decade. During this time, land surveying became a part of the land development services offered by James R. Hill, Inc. Utilizing the newest electronic equipment and specialized computer systems, our land surveying services are expanding tremendously. 


We dispatch two to three crews on a daily basis. The survey crews have support from a team of licensed land surveyors and experienced technicians. Each land surveyor and technician has developed their own specialized area of expertise to better serve our clients. 


Some of the land surveying services we provide include: 

§                                 Boundary Surveys 

§                                 Land Title and ALTA Surveys 

§                                 Final Plats 

§                                 Land Descriptions and Deed Analysis 

§                                 Mortgage Loan Inspections and Surveys 

§                                 Condominium Site Plans and Floor Plans 

§                                 Easement Descriptions and Locations