Services Brief

  • Some of the construction staking services we provide include: Topographic and Location Survey, Building Permit Certificates, Construction and Building Staking, Site Grading Stakes, & Street and Utility Staking
  • Our staff has extensive experience in commercial, and industrial site planning and we offer the following services: Land Use Planning and Design, Comprehensive Guide Plan Review, Zoning and Subdivision Regulation Review, Developer Representation, Coordination of Approval Process, Plan Exhibits and Displays, Landscape Architecture, Environmental Assessment Worksheets, & Tree Preservation Plans.
  • Land development requires refined knowledge in both planning and engineering. We have the technical talent and the management ability to get your project built in the manner that you envisioned.
  • We have the expertise to correctly transform the design concept into a useful system. This requires understanding the legal and environmental issues involved with any construction project. Knowing the correct construction practices and methods used to build a facility is the basis for getting a project built on time and within budget constraints.

The surveying staff at James R. Hill, Inc. has many years of construction experience providing staking services to developers, builders, and contractors. Our office personnel and survey crews understand your construction plans and can efficiently transfer your project from paper to project site.


We believe James R. Hill, Inc. is unique in our approach to utilizing our computer and CAD system in maximizing our construction staking efficiency. Survey technicians and computer technicians reduce the construction plans to a computer file. This computer file allows the survey crews to utilize computer generated information for construction staking. To our clients this means efficiency. 


Some of the construction staking services we provide include: 

§                                 Topographic and Location Survey 

§                                 Photo Control 

§                                 Building Permit Certificates 

§                                 Construction and Building Staking 

§                                 Site Grading Stakes 

§                                 Street and Utility Staking